Though The Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert raised money for those affected by the super storm that ripped into east coast America as well as aiding the relief effort, the feeling of good will surrounding the momentous event wasn’t shared by everybody. No, you might’ve guessed it, Courtney Love wasn’t impressed by the ‘Nirvana reunion’.

It wasn’t really a reunion as such; sure, the surviving members of the seminal grunge members were all on stage together (that’s Dave Grohl, Kris Novoselic and Pat Smear), but they were joined by ageing Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and didn’t even play a Nirvana song, opting instead for a Grohl/McCartney-written track ‘Cut Me Some Slack’. And it sounded alright. No, really it did. However, what with Love’s bitterness at Grohl and her gradual loss of control over much of the Nirvana rights, she was never going to be the easiest to please – and true to form she wasn’t.

Love spent the time leading up to the show making jibes on Facebook, at one point writing “Paul better get earmuffs for the bassplaying is all. [It's] not exactly known for its brilliance." And when the performance itself came she commented briefly, "There it was. Uh it was bad." However, Love’s grumpiness aside, people were trumping the concert as a success, with a line-up including The Who, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton being hailed as “one of the greatest line-ups ever” by the Daily Mirror. Other stars performing included Mick Jagger, Chris Martin and REM’s Michael Stipe.