Courtney Love wants James McAvoy to play Kurt Cobain in the film of his life.

The Hole singer - who is the widow of the late Nirvana rocker - thinks the Scottish actor would be "great" for the role and if not him then Ryan Gosling.

Speaking about rumours Robert Pattinson is set to play tragic Kurt, she said: "Isn't that so stupid, who would cast him? That's just wrong, no offence. I watched the 'Twilight' stuff very, very recently and I get it, it resonates with the teenage girl in me, I understand epic love of that nature; I write about it all the time. But isn't that silly?"

The 'Celebrity Skin' hitmaker told the Canadian Press she wants caSting approval and a say on The Script and hopes her producer pal Trudie Styler - the wife of Sting - will act as her "proxy" in making sure the movie is done "right".

The rocker - who doesn't think she will ever see the film as it would be too painful for her - claims she will scupper the project if 'Moon' producer Trudie declines to be involved.

Courtney, 45, has a 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean with Kurt, who committed suicide in April 1994.