Courtney Love sought gossip insight from a top columnist when she first moved to New York in 2009 - so she wouldn't be forced to stay at home and avoid people she might upset with her trademark outspoken rants.
The rocker reveals she sat down with former Page Six columnist Richard Johnson and quizzed him on the ways of society life in the Big Apple.
She tells Paper magazine, "He gave me a great piece of advice. He said, 'Never start a fatwa (feud) with anyone in Manhattan, because it's only 24 square miles and you only want to live in four of them. And you're always going to run into that person again.'
"In L.A. it's different. You can just hide behind your big gate and yell, 'F**k you, Billy Corgan!' In New York, you just can't do that, and that's kind of great."
Former friends, Love and The Smashing Pumpkins leader Corgan have waged a vicious war of words in the media for years.