Courtney Love's memoirs are keeping her out of trouble - because her deadline has left her little time to party.

The rocker landed a lucrative deal with publishers HarperCollins to detail her life and she admits it's proving more difficult and time consuming than she thought.

Love tells Bust magazine, "It's one of the reasons why I stay home and watch 30 Rock - because I have to write this goddamn book and I know it.

"I never thought I would write this book. It's f**king exhausting."

The once-troubled star has also rediscovered her talent as an artist after studying at the San Francisco Art Institute as a teenager, and she has created one eerie portrait of Amy Winehouse with her estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain behind the late singer.

Love says, "Making art is kind of meeting my own destiny, as my mother always wanted me to be an artist. I went to San Francisco Art Institute, but I didn't learn anything there.

"I started by doing kind of a**-kissy pictures of girls, and there's a lot of sex and death and romance."

The former Hole star reveals she started work on her Winehouse portrait the day the British singer died.