It looks as though that Courtney Love Bling court case has finally come to an end. New York Post reveals today (February 13, 2013) that a confidential agreement has been reached between grunge rocker Courtney Love and the high-end jeweller Jacob & Co. The jewellers, which was founded by Jacob Arabo loaned Courtney over $100,000 of jewellery in 2010, to wear at a kids’ charity event, but they never received them back. Love maintains that the pricey gems were lost in transit.

According to Arabo’s attorney, Jeffrey Klarsfeld, the details of the settlement are being kept under wraps. Originally, Jacob & Co. wanted Love to pay $113,000 plus interest, to cover the loss, however a judge ruled that this price was unreasonable but said “The case settled confidentially and we can’t comment on it,” said Courtney’s publicist Steven Honig.

New York Post tried to talk to an employee at the jeweler’s East 57th Street store but they also refused to divulge any information about the case. What they did reveal though, was some details about their client list, which apparently includes Madonna, Kelly Osbourne and Sandra Bullock. The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out a $13.5 million necklace and said that that particular piece would definitely not be lent out. We're not surprised, after this two year debacle! 

Courtney Love

Courtney Love - we're not sure if the ear muffs are borrowed...