Courtney Love has blamed prescription pills for her multiple legal battles, insisting the drug she was taking made her "crazy" and prompted her online rants.

The Hole star has found herself in trouble over her candid postings on, resulting in a number of court battles with associates who accused her of defaming them on the social networking website.

Love now claims her outbursts were brought on by her intake of Adderall, a drug commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adhd), which she subsequently quit.

She tells Britain's The Sunday Times Magazine, "It's a very potent speed drug - it makes me crazy, it makes me write long, unintelligible emails and get on Twitter and say something nasty and then I get sued. I've been off it for four years now but there were about seven lawsuits and I settled most of them, took one to trial and won, and now, I've got one more to go."

Love also admits she is planning to give up tequila because drinking the potent spirit also leads her to send emails which she later regrets.

She adds, "I think I'm going to stop tequila because last time I drank it I ended up sending emails, then having to apologise. So from now on, my rule is if I'm going to press 'send', it needs to be before 9.30 at night and I need to be sober."