The TBS sitcom about a middle-aged Mom starring Courteney Cox and Christa Miller will be back for its fourth season on January 8th and its makers and cast have promised fun stuff from the new series.

"You will not see one scene where I don't show my boobs." Cox said. Creator, Bill Lawrence added "Courteney did declare this year the year of her cleavage" reports Entertainment Weekly. Lawrence also joked, "the big difference is we've shifted from Brian Van Holt not wearing his shirt all the time to Josh Hopkins not wearing his shirt all the time. I think that was probably TBS' only big note." 

One story line that fans may be looking forward to this year covers 'naked day'. "It was sexy for about five minutes and then it was just two middle aged people standing around naked," Lawrence said. He's really selling it there. 

The series has enjoyed average ratings of around 7million viewers per episode. Furthemore, Cox has won a couple of awards for her leading role, including one for Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy at the Golden Derby Awards, as well as Glamour's US TV Actress of the year in 2010. While it may not be entirely scintillating viewing, it certainly sounds fun. Tune in on the 8th to see it.