Courteney Cox Arquette has marriage therapy with husband David.

The 46-year-old star - who has been married to actor David Arquette for 11 years - confesses the pair have attended therapy in the past because they couldn't accept each others problems.

She said: "We've done couples therapy in the past. We're not lazy about our marriage.

"We have the same arguments we've had for years. Some things just never change, and you should realise that the intriguing things you fall in love with will probably become things you don't like and the very things you'll be talking about for the rest of your relationship."

The 'Cougar Town' actress also admits to using Botox to keep herself looking young, but only has the injections minimally as she once had too much and was unable to move her face.

She told InStyle: "Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another. Sometimes I use Botox. Compared to most, I use it very sparingly.

"One time I did too much, though. I feel weird if I can't move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin."