Courteney Cox, the American actress who rose to fame playing the ultra-obsessive Monica Gellar on Friends, is developing a new sitcom already being described as "one of pilot season's hottest properties", according to
Cox and her estranged husband David Arquette have begun work on a project tentatively titled '10 Years'. The sitcom, which is soon to be pitched to networks, carries with it a similar premise to Friends, exploring the "ups and downs of relationships across a group of friends, spanning 10 years". The show is being produced by the couple's ABC studio based 'Coquette Productions', which Cox playing a behind-the-scenes role and Arquette possibly serving as a producer while playing one of the characters. Rumours are suggesting two of the characters are loosely inspired by Cox and Arquette, whose amicable split following an infidelity scandal has bemused some commentators. The couple are frequently photographed together, and Cox was filmed cheering on her husband during his opening routine on Dancing With The Stars. An Abc studios representative declined to comment on the sitcom following reports the network would get first choice on the series.
Meanwhile Cox's sitcom 'Cougar Town' is preparing to air its third series on Abc, albeit with a different name. Show bosses have confirmed the series will change its title because the plot had strayed too far from its original premise.