Review of Cours Lapin Album by Cours Lapin

Four Danish film composers producing an album entirely in French may not be the most obvious release, but that is exactly what is presented here. Originally available in their homeland toward the end of 2009, it now receives a push in other markets.

Cours Lapin Cours Lapin Album

Given the silver screen background of the quartet behind this album, it comes as no surprise that the music very much contains a cinematic quality throughout, purposely disregarding any temptation to provide a pop record for the masses. Starting with the sad acoustic tone of '1, 2, 3', which introduces the cool vocals of Louise Alenius', it is obvious that the arrangements of song segments are just as important as the overall impression. 'Cache Cache' is a fine example of this, opening with funky rhythms and through a big band sound before developing into a track that could be a James Bond theme. 'Homme Contre Femme' juxtaposes movements of drama with patience, while 'Mes Larmes Secretes' trickles along like a lullaby before becoming something altogether more urgent. These results are intriguing, if not stunning, but at other times such as 'Le Son D'Un Escargot' the foursomes' vision is alienating. The artistic integrity of the group is never in question, but on this evidence their talents lay very much in their usual roles.

Alex Lai

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