Review of In Time Single by Cosmic Rough Riders

Cosmic Rough Riders
In Time
Single Review

Cosmic Rough Riders In Time Single

Franz Ferdinand are hogging the Limelight as one of the better artist to come out of Scotland, although they are having to share it somewhat with Katie Tunstall. The question is can the Cosmic Rough Riders get in on the act and share some of this limelight?

'In Time' is the new single to come from Cosmic Rough Riders and the music is anything but rough. A mellowed out chilled track that is sound and will appeal to quite a lot of people out there. The best way to try and describe them is that they are not quite The Thrills and not quite Badly Drawn Boy. They are slap bang in the middle. A good thing? I will let you decide on that one. Both bands have sold a lot of records, but aren't really my cup of tea.

Mark Moore

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