Cory Monteith has revealed what fans can expect from the final episodes of Glee's second series.
Cory Monteith, the American actor who plays 'Finn' in the hit comedy-musical Glee, has given the inside scoop on the season's final episodes, reports TV Guide.
Tonight's episode (15th March 2011) of the show sees the 'New Directions' performing in the 'Regionals' competition before a judging panel consisting of 'Tammy Jean Albertson', played by Kathy Griffin and 'Sister Mary Constance', played by Loretta Devine. When asked which songs fans can expect to hear from the final few episodes, Monteith revealed an unusual possibility, saying, "We were trying to clear a Bjork song, but they couldn't track her down. Apparently she doesn't have a phone number" The actor appeared to reveal that the 'New Directions' make it through tonight's 'Regionals' by confirming the team are headed to New York City to shoot the 'Finals', adding, "I couldn't be more excited. We're going to shoot there for like a week and a half at the end of April".
It was recently reported that the Glee season two finale will air on 24th May 2011, nearly a month earlier than last year's season one finale. It is expected that Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Dianna Agron and Darren Criss will all reprise their roles for season three.