Cory Monteith may be known for playing a teenage high school student in the hit musical series Glee, but today, he celebrates his 30th birthday (May 11, 2012). The man with the age-defying looks has recently been wooing his co-star Lea Michele, taking her away to the Coachella festival for a start.
He's said goodbye to his twenties in style, with an action-packed year that has included filming another season of Glee, playing with his rock band Bunnie Dune and speaking out in support of gay rights at the Glaad Media Awards. It's not clear exactly what Corey plans to do to ring in his 30th but he shall most likely be hoping that it doesn't end up with the cops being called, which is exactly what happened when he threw a party back in February, E! Online reported at the time. Luckily for Cory, it was his roommate that was landed with the noise pollution citation; whilst he managed to dodge the problem. If he wants to throw a party tonight, though, he'd be advised to warn the neighbours first.
The stars of Glee have recently finished filming the current series. Amber Riley announced, via her Twitter feed that she will finally be leaving the show, as her character Mercedes graduates from William MCKinley high school. It's also thought that Dianna Agron may be leaving the show, though this has not been confirmed. Cory's fate is also unclear. He posted a tweet earlier saying that he was just about to start shooting the last scene of season 3, but didn't say whether or not it spelled the end of the road for his character Finn.