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Brother's Keeper (2002) Review

Does anything inspire as much horror as the title card, "USA Network Presents"?

Brother's Keeper -- not the 1992 documentary about a hillbilly who murders his brother -- is a ridiculously stupid story about a detective who tries to protect her brother despite the fact that he's a serial killer. Standard thriller ensues.

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Raging Sharks Review

Imagine the satisfaction of telling your co-workers come Monday morning that you spent the weekend not on the beach or climbing a mountain, but watching the awe-inspiring DVD Raging Sharks. They'll be jealous. You'll be the boss of the place, even if it is fleeting.

The title ought to give away the storyline, but to be a little more specific, it's a lot like Deep Blue Sea and The Abyss, minus the camp value and special effects, respectively.

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Drop Zone Review

Woo-hoo, it's a parachutin' movie! Thrill to Wesley Snipes falling through the sky to fight crime! Jolt yourself awake before the lights come back on! If you're looking for excitement, try jumping out of a plane.

Shadow Hours Review

Bad movies described as "a swift descent into sinful pleasure, decay, and debauchery" are hard to watch. Bad 2000s movies that resemble bad 1980s films are even harder to watch. Shadow Hours falls into the latter category, a mish-mashed train wreck of B-movie actors (including Michael Dorn, aka Star Trek's Worf), an uninteresting plot, vain attempts at capitalizing on the "underground" scenes of seedy Los Angeles, and really, really bad directing and horrendous music video-esque ballistic editing that was taught to me in film school right before I decided to drop out.

The film revolves around the life of Michael Holloway (Balthazar Getty) who is trying to restart his life with his one-dimensional wife Chloe (Rebecca Gayheart) after a nasty bout of drug and alcohol addictions. Michael takes a job of working the graveyard shift at the local gas station and is bombarded by the ugliness and weirdness of the nightlife of L.A. One night, he meets a strange gent named Stuart (Mr. Buckaroo Banzai, Peter Weller). He drives a Porsche, smokes French cigarettes, and drones on about life, eventually coaxing Mike into exploring the "underbelly" of L.A. together, a tour of punk bars, S&M clubs, and bare-knuckle fights.

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Tucker: The Man And His Dream Review

Francis Ford Coppola's labor of love... about Preston Tucker's labor of love. Jeff Bridges stars as the charismatic man who tried to take on Detroit (and lost badly) by making his own line of safe, fast, stylish, and efficient automobiles in the 1940s. Detroit retaliated, landing Tucker in a fraud lawsuit, and this is his story. Tucker: The Man and His Dream is shot with Coppola's signature stylishness, aided by fine performances from Bridges, Joan Allen, and Martin Landau. A few impatient ones may get bored with the attention to detail that Coppola has infused in his film, but Bridges' riviting performance should keep the rest of you glued to your set and longing for one of his rocketship cars.
Corin Nemec

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Shadow Hours Movie Review

Shadow Hours Movie Review

Bad movies described as "a swift descent into sinful pleasure, decay, and debauchery" are hard...

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