Former child star Corey Feldman looks set to pull out of his role in a U.K. production of White's Lies due to a lack of funding.

The Stand By Me actor was cast as a womanising divorce lawyer for the European premiere of the production at the upcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland next month (Aug13).

However, he took to his page on Wednesday (10Jul13) to tell followers his trip to the U.K. is in danger of being called off.

In a series of posts, he writes, "I hav (have) some very sad news 2day (today). It's not 100 per cent yet, just wanna giv U (give you) the heads up. It seems my Uk trip is being cancelled due 2 (to) lack of funds. I'm very very upset about this, & still hoping 4 (for) a miracle, but as of right now, I will no longer be appearing in Whites Lies (sic) at this time.

"U (sic) all know how much I love u, and I wanna B (be) there so badly!! But I do hav (sic) a son 2 (to) take care of, and I must always put his needs b4 (before) mine... it's not my funds, it's the producers of the play, I'm not a producer of it, I was just hired as an actor."

The original off-Broadway production of White's Lies was widely panned by the American media and closed in June 2010 after 46 performances.