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Constantines Kensington Heights Album

Toronto based band Constantines release their fourth album, this time they offer us a healthy dose of anthemic punk that inspires car trips at full pelt.

Kensington Heights shows a full-bodied wall of sound slightly echoing Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers, Beasts of Bourbon or Nick Cave yet Constantines have managed to deliver an album that surpasses all these previous (worthy) efforts.

The songs are full of crashing melody through OTT intertwining guitars, animal like drumming and choruses on mass, before pausing and tugging at the heart (rather than gut) strings, as on New King. What's ost enjoyable about Kensington Heights is it's absence of humour - the music is serious, but keeps well clear of clichéd portentous heaviness.

As a lead guitarist and vocalist, Steve Lambke, has created a disc that is eminently more listenable than the Twilight Singers' 'Powder Burns'. Constantines would never create a good pick-me-up record, but when your aching romantic self wants an outlet, Constantines may well be ideal.


Mike Rea

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