After being confined to a mental asylum for 17 years, Grace B Jones gets released following years of abuse and torment at the hands of mental health nurses. She goes to live with her brother Landy Bretthorse, his wife Bea and two young girls in Boonville, Missouri despite Bea's concerns about her instability particularly around the children.  Although Grace seems a nice, friendly person and treats the girls kindly, she has regularly bouts of hysteria which first come about after a boat accident during the calamitous 1951 flood. Is there enough of Grace left to save? Or will the household conclude that sometimes a broken woman is beyond repair?

'Saving Grace B Jones' is based on a true story surrounding first time feature film director Connie Stevens' childhood in the fifties when she was sent away from her home in Brooklyn to Missouri to live with family friends after witnessing a brutal murder. She was to find, that summer, that that terrible crime was not the thing that would have the biggest effect on her the rest of her life. This shocking drama has been co-written by Jeffry Elison in his screenwriting debut and first premiered in 2009 at the Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest. It is now available to see in theaters everywhere now.

Director: Connie Stevens

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