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John Cusack To Star In Grand Piano?

17th May 2012

John Cusack is in talks to star in 'Grand Piano'. The 'Raven' actor has entered negotiations about appearing alongside Elijah Wood in the psychological thriller, which will be directed by Spanish helmer Eugenio Mira. John's...

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John Cusack Eyes Con Air Sequel

4th March 2012

Actor John Cusack is keen to reunite with Nicolas Cage for a Con Air sequel, but he has yet to be offered a role in the new movie.The High Fidelity star appeared in the original...

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Nicolas Cage Happy With Appearance

29th January 2012

Nicolas Cage has stopped experimenting with his appearance.The 48-year-old actor used to enjoy changing his hairstyle but insists he now plans to stay the way he is and won't be growing out his locks in...

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Con Air Sequel In The Works

26th January 2011

Simon West is desperate to make a 'Con Air' sequel.The filmmaker is set to team up with the 1997 action movie's star Nicolas Cage on new project 'Medallion' and has vowed to use their time...

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Con Air Sequel In The Works

26th January 2011

Director SIMON WEST has confirmed he's making plans to reunite with NICOLAS CAGE for a CON AIR sequel.Cage played a convict caught up in a mid-air riot on a prisoner plane in the 1997 action-thriller,...

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Depp 'Lends Cage A Helping Hand'

13th November 2009

JOHNNY DEPP has reportedly offered to help NICOLAS CAGE sort out his financial woes - to repay the CON AIR star for kickstarting his Hollywood career.Cage has been forced to reassess his cash flow after...

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Cage Credits New Son For Change In Lifestyle

10th April 2007

Former hellraiser actor NICOLAS CAGE has dismissed rumours that he is having a mid life crisis - his new tough fitness schedule is down to looking good for his young son. The CON AIR actor...

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Cage Plays Fu Manchu Cameo In Grindhouse

9th April 2007

NICOLAS CAGE agreed to a cameo in QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's double bill GRINDHOUSE for nothing. The CON AIR star briefly plays Chinese villain FU MANCHU in a mock trailer for fictional film WEREWOLF...

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Cage Defends Son's Superhero Name

2nd October 2006

NICOLAS CAGE has defended the unusual name he gave his son - and predicts future parents will follow his lead. The CON AIR star has always been fascinated by SUPERMAN and decided to name...

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Cage To Play Liberace?

28th July 2006

NICOLAS CAGE will play flamboyant Las Vegas, Nevada showman LIBERACE in a new biopic about the legendary piano man's life. The CON AIR star is producing the project, as well as starring in the film,...

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Cage Buys Home In Britain

2nd July 2006

Hollywood actor NICOLAS CAGE has bought a GBP865,000 ($1.56 million) house in rural Somerset, England because it lies on a mystical ley line. The CON AIR star has bought the five-bedroom property without having seen...

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Cage Forgives Penn For 'Not An Actor' Remark

12th October 2005

Hollywood star NICOLAS CAGE has forgiven his FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH co-star SEAN PENN for blasting his film choices, insisting he welcomes badly received movies. In 1999, Penn famously declared, "Nic Cage is...

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Arnie's Stunt Double Dies

14th January 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's THE TERMINATOR stunt double, FRANK ORSATTI, has died of acute respiratory failure, aged 62. Orsatti also doubled for BURT REYNOLDS during the height of his career and co-ordinated stunts for AL PACINO's...

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Cage Meets The In-laws In Korea

20th December 2004

Hollywood star NICOLAS CAGE has flown to South Korea to meet his new wife ALICE KIM's family. The CON AIR actor has been travelling the world to promote his latest film NATIONAL TREASURE and...

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Cage Favours Rings Over Viagra

12th December 2004

NICOLAS CAGE is so keen to maintain his high libido - he wears ruby rings on each hand to give him extra bedroom stamina. The CON AIR actor, 40, married third wife ALICE KIM,...

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Cage: 'Bruckheimer Has Great Taste'

24th November 2004

Actor NICOLAS CAGE is in awe of legendary producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER's ability to spot aspiring young actors. The pair have now worked together on four films - CON AIR, THE ROCK, GONE IN 60...

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Cage To Play Boxing Coach

16th October 2003

Movie superstar NICOLAS CAGE is set to play a veteran champion boxer who lifts prison inmates's spirits in a new movie being developed by his production company. The CON AIR actor will star as...

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King Arthur Epic Starts Filming

25th June 2003

Filming on the latest JERRY BRUCKHEIMER blockbuster KING ARTHUR has started in the Dublin and Wicklow areas of Ireland. The king of producers - famous for hits including CON AIR, PEARL HARBOUR and TOP...

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Cage In Hunt For Buried Treasure

3rd June 2003

OSCAR winning actor NICOLAS CAGE is once again teaming up with top producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER for upcoming film NATIONAL TREASURE - making it the fourth time the pair have worked together. Cage has signed...

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