Former Color Me Badd star SAM WATTERS is a proud father after helping deliver his first daughter last month (Jul10).
The singer's wife Tamyra Gray, a former American Idol contestant, gave birth to little Sienna on 17 July - and it was Watters who helped bring her into the world.
Gray tells, "Sam delivered her - with the help of a midwife - but he forgot to look to see what she was. So I actually was able to make the discovery and announce it."
And the happy couple, which wed in 2006, is delighted with its new arrival.
Gray adds, "We are overjoyed with the arrival of our little lady. I've never known love to this capacity. She smiles already and it just stills my heart."
The pair admits the idea for the little girl's name wasn't their own - Gray claims it came to her in a bizarre dream.
Gray adds, "We didn't actually pick her name - she (Sienna) did. I know it sounds weird, but back in February I had a dream where she told me her name. I shared my dream with Sam and we decided we'd wait and see. It took us eight hours after her birth to name her and at the end, we went with her suggestion."
Watters, who is now an in-demand producer, also has an 11-year old son from his previous marriage.