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London Has Fallen Trailer

Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and Angela Bassett once again team up in the new release London Has Fallen, this is a follow-up to the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen.

President Benjamin Asher must make a diplomatic trip to the capital of the United Kingdom after the British Prime Minister is killed. The death of the Prime Minister is shroud in mystery and Asher's number one Secret Service agent, Mike Banning, can't help but feel that the trip is going too smoothly.

Having each of the world's leaders all in one place, it's a hugely appealing target for terrorists. As the funeral proceedings begin to come together, Banning's worst fears come true. The world's stability is left in the hands of the president, his secret service agent and a lone MI6 agent.

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Celebrities At The BBC Studios

Colin Salmon - Celebrities at the BBC Studios - Colin Salmon at BBC Portland Place - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 1st July 2015

Colin Salmon
Colin Salmon

South Bank Sky Arts Awards

Colin Salmon - the South Bank Sky Arts Awards at the Savoy Hotel London 7th June 2015 at Savoy Hotel, South Bank - LONDON, United Kingdom - Monday 8th June 2015

Colin Salmon

South Bank Sky Arts Awards

Colin Salmon - South Bank Sky Arts Awards held at the Savoy, arrivals. at South Bank - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 7th June 2015

Colin Salmon

The Dowton Abbey Ball

Colin Salmon - The Downton Abbey Ball, in aid of Centrepoint, held at the Savoy - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 30th April 2015

Colin Salmon
Colin Salmon

Pierce Brosnan: "Next Bond Should Be Idris Elba Or Colin Salmon"

Pierce Brosnan Idris Elba Colin Salmon

Pierce Brosnan, whom previously played 007 four times between 1995 and 2002, says the next James Bond should be played by one of two black actors: Idris Elba or Colin Salmon. The Luther star remains the heavy favourite to replace Daniel Craig as Bond though Salmon, who previously played MI6 Deputy Chief of Staff Charles Robinson, has been backed in after getting Brosnan's blessing. 

Idris ElbaIdris Elba is the heavy favorite to play James Bond

"Yeah, he would actually," Brosnan said when asked if Elba would make a good Bond. "Colin Salmon also. May the best man get the job and may Daniel bring home the bacon for as long as he wants," he added, to the Radio Times.

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Nat King Cole Afraid Of The Dark Premiere

Colin Salmon and Rudi Salmon - The premiere of "Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark" at the May Fair Hotel - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 13th May 2014

Colin Salmon and Rudi Salmon
Colin Salmon
Colin Salmon

Take A Peek At Benedict Cumberbatch's Short Film, 'Little Favour'

Benedict Cumberbatch Nick Moran Colin Salmon

Benedict Cumberbatch is hot property right not. His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes bought him a ticket to Hollywood, and now that he’s played Julian Assange – a celebrated turn in a disappointing film – every move he makes is closely followed by a headline or two.

Little Favour poster
The poster for Little Favour

But such is his desire to involve himself in both indie and mainstream projects, it comes as no surprise that a short film – however high profile – will be hitting iTunes on November 5th.

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Little Favour - Teaser Trailer

When Wallace receives a phone call from an old friend asking for a 'little favour', he's obliged to say yes. However, when this Little Favour develops in to a rather large and serious problem Wallace must quickly find a solution. 

The film Little Favour was written and directed by Patrick Victor Monroe and produced by SunnyMarch, a brand new British production group set up by Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Ackland, Adam Selves and Ben Dillon. The film was funded through crowd funding, the original target for the film was 25 thousand GBP but the project smashed the target raising an additional 60+ thousand ensuring the film had the best possible outcome. 

Speaking about his reasons behind backing the project - both on and behind camera - Benedict Cumberbatch said: "We all came together out of sheer goodwill and generosity for a cause we believe in - namely Patrick Monroe and his second outing as a director and writer."

Imagining James Bond Without Daniel Craig: Who Were The Other 007 Contenders?

After seeing Skyfall this week, Roger Moore described Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes' new James Bond film as "without a doubt... the best Bond there's ever been." The film's crew is seemingly made up entirely of Oscar winners and critical reaction has suggested that Skyfall could be the first 007 movie to win big at the Academy Awards.

Though there were murmurings of discontent when British star Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in the secret agent franchise, he's since become a revelation, with many considering him to be the finest Bond yet. His turn in Casino Royale had far more depth than anything Brosnan (or Dalton for that matter) had delivered, leaving Bond geeks squabbling between just three actors as to who was the best Bond ever: Moore, Connery or Craig? Though Quantum of Solace failed to reach the heady critical heights of its predecessor, early reaction suggests Skyfall betters Casino Royale and possibly anything before it. But it all could have been very different, couldn't it? Cast your mind back to 2005, when the protracted process of choosing the new James Bond was reaching its final stages. With Ralph Fiennes unable to commit to the filming schedule of Casino Royale, and Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Heath Ledger discounted, producers chose to go ahead and run screen tests on the four 'finalists'. (They had lost the chance of landing Clive Owen after refusing to include gross profit points in his contract) The contenders were Layer Cake star Daniel Craig, ER actor Goran Visnjic, Australian actor Sam Worthington and 22-year-old Henry Cavill, reported Variety. All were relatively inexperienced, though producers were keen for someone considerably younger than the 52-year-old Pierce Brosnan. In fact, writer Paul Haggis told the Hollywood Reporter at the time, "We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets."

Sam Worthington 'Wrath Of The Titans' UK film premiere

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Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

International pharmaceutical company The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus - initially designed to dramatically alter living and recently dead organisms - continues its rapid spread throughout the world, turning everyone in its path to flesh eating zombies, after it was released from the company's underground base near Raccoon City.

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How To Stop Being A Loser Review

This British rom-com has enough energy to keep us watching even though it's not particularly funny or romantic. Fortunately there are enough bright sparks in the cast to distract us from the simplistic script and over-egged direction.

James (Phillips) is a geeky misfit who has a sign above his head saying "loser". Literally. After his friend Ian (Grant) commits suicide, he receives a message from him that challenges him to learn how to talk to women. His friends (Leonidas and Grezo) encourage him to try, starting with an awkward chat at Ian's funeral with his school crush Hannah (Atkinson). He then starts a mentorship with cocky motivational speaker Ampersand (Conway), a disciple of womanising writer guru Zeus (Kemp). But this will require changing almost everything about himself.

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Freestyle Review

This British hip-hop drama has an intriguing premise, but it never seems to be more than a knock-off of the Step Up movies. And it's weakened by some corny dialog, a cliched story and not-that-impressive action.

Ondene (Stanhope-Bosumpim) is a light-skinned black girl attending a posh private school and preparing for her Oxford University entrance exams. But she'd really rather shoot hoops on the basketball court next door with the street thugs. When she hears about an upcoming freestyle basketball competition, she teams up with local boy Leon (Kene) to train, which really angers her high-achieving mum (McLean). As romance with Leon blossoms, trouble looms on every side for Ondene and the future her mother has mapped out for her.

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Exam Review

Setting a thriller in one room is a risky decision, and while writer-director Hazeldine creates a gripping sense of claustrophobia, this film feels both contrived and padded out with unnecessary sequences.

Eight people are called into an examination room by the Invigilator (Salmon) and given simple instructions to get through the last phase of a job interview.

But when the 80-minute clock starts ticking, they realise there's no question on their exam sheet. Trying to work out what to do involves collaborating and competing, and eventually turning on each other. And everyone seems to know something they're not telling the others.

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Exam Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Exam

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