The war hero behind Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman's new movie The Railway Man has died, aged 93.

Eric Lomax's memoirs about working on the so-called 'death railway' in Thailand after he was captured by Japanese troops have been adapted into a new movie, starring the Oscar winners.

Lomax's book was published in 1995.

He died early on Monday (08Oct12).

Lomax was captured and held at at the infamous Changi jail before he was relocated to Kanchanaburi, where he worked on the railway link to Burma.

The real-life struggle was chronicled in David Lean's 1957 film The Bridge On The River Kwai.

Lomax returned to Kanchanaburi in the early 1990s to meet the interpreter who had interrogated him while he was tortured.

Andy Paterson, the producer of the film adaptation of his book, tells the Bbc, "The cast and crew of The Railway Man are deeply saddened to hear of Eric Lomax's death. All our thoughts today are with his family.

"Whilst we are heartbroken that he will not be with us at the premiere, he lived long enough to see some early images from the film and to share our hopes that this new version of his story will help ensure that the men who suffered with him - and the families who had to cope with the legacy - would never be forgotten."