It’s pretty simple: if millions upon millions of people are playing a videogame, it’s time to push the envelope and turn that videogame into a film. The franchise is developing nicely, and Deadline has reported that a cast is beginning to assemble, with Colin Farrell and Paula Patton heading it up.

Colin FarrellIs Farrell mulling over a role in Warcraft?

According to the ever-reliable film site, Farrell has been offered the role, but it’s not certain whether he’ll accept or not. In fact, sources have suggested that the chances of him adopting the role are 50/50. Director Duncan Jones is reportedly testing out other high-profile stars in case his first choice doesn’t bite.

The other lead has been offered to Paula Patton, and it’s been suggested that she’s in a state of negotiation over the role. She made a name for herself in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns, and would, if Jones’s decision is to be believed, fit right in to the Warcraft mould.

Even though a movie version of the superbly popular online game is confirmed, it doesn’t have a studio as of yet. Reports suggest it will end up at Universal Pictures due to their new deal with Legendary. Filming will begin in January.

Paula PattonPaula Patton is negotiating, apparently.

Jones has serious pedigree, having helmed the critically acclaimed Moon. This is excellent news for fans of the franchise, as cinematic adaptations of video games don’t tend to excel, just take a look at Tomb Raider to see what we’re talking about. But films like Wreck it Ralph and the impressive run of comic book movies, the future looks bright for console-to-film projects, like Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex and Halo.