Colin Farrell has only really loved three women in his life - his first girlfriend Eva Birthistle, Marilyn Monroe and Halle Berry.

The Irish hellraiser claims he's always been faithful to the women he has dated - but secretly harboured crushes on Bond girl Berry and Marilyn.

He says, "I've always been a one-woman man, but I was madly in love with Marilyn. I used to put Smarties under my pillow with a note saying, 'I know you're dead, but these are really tasty. Come and have some.'

"And I had a mad crush on Halle Berry, and I met her, but I had about four coldsores on my lip at that stage. I was run down.

"I met her on the set of X-Men and I covered my mouth. I was mortified because I'd had a crush on her since I was 13."

04/08/2003 09:13