Colin Farrell was "disappointed" not to play a brooding vampire in 'Fright Night'.

The 35-year-old actor hoped there would be a "romantic lean" to the bloodthirsty character he plays in his new movie, a remake of 1985's 'Fright Night' but soon learned to just accept the material he was given.

Asked if he wished he was playing a "soppy, modern" vampire, Colin said: "To be honest, since I can tend to be a melancholy lad at times, I was a little disappointed by that.

"As violent and single-minded Chris Sarandon [who played Jerry in the original 'Fright Night'] was, there was also a romantic lean to him.

"That was nowhere to be found in this script, so during the first couple of weeks' filming I was trying to see if we could get more of that in.

"But the scenes just weren't there, so I had to be like, 'Get over yourself - stop trying to make this what you want it to be.' "

Despite his sadness, Colin admits making the film was "cool" because he was so "unemotional" in her performance.

He explained to Shortlist magazine: "This was one of the most unemotional experiences I had making a film and it was cool for that reason.

"Jerry doesn't have any human qualities to speak of - he has no fear, no remorse. So the removal of those things makes him a parasite that just needs to latch on to another living body to survive."