Colin Farrell lives on a diet of green tea and ''s***load of vitamins''.

The 36-year-old actor insists he ''eats really well'', despite admitting he doesn't put as much effort into taking care of his eating habits as he does destroying his body with bad foods.

He said: ''I don't put the same level of energy into healthy living as I did into unhealthy living. I put an enormous amount of energy into the destruction of my body and if I put the same amount into treating my body in a positive way, that too would end up being a sickness.

''But I eat really well, drink loads of green tea, and take a s**tload of vitamins.''

While he isn't honouring his body as much as he'd like, Colin admits he's simply ''enjoying life'' at the moment and is still surprised that he gets jobs after going into rehab for drug abuse in 2005.

He added to Men's Health magazine: ''I had burned so many bridges in the film industry that I couldn't get a f***ing meeting. But now I'm just enjoying life.

''One of the big things I was drawn to about DRUGS was the ritual.''