Coldplay singer Chris Martin likes "getting dressed for work".

The 'Paradise' rockers have emerged to promote their new album, 'Mylo Xyloto' wearing a new "band outfit" and Chris likes having a specific set of clothes for the band.

He told Redbulletin magazine: "We do have a new uniform, yes. It's more a mufti, but it's still getting dressed for work.

"I love getting into a band outfit, especially if you're someone who doesn't dress up at all when you're outside of the band. It's nice to put on something that makes me feel like I'm singing."

However, he added a typical day in the studio while writing the album saw him dressed much more casually.

Chris added: "We all live and work in the same 150 metres or so, and I wear basically the same dirty tracksuit every day. It's not that interesting."

The band's new "uniforms" see all four members dressed in dark coloured overall-like heavy shirts and jackets, and the ties in with the album's artwork and themes, which have been inspired by graffiti and the White Rose Movement - a group of German children who printed anti-Nazi flyers in World War II.

He said: "The ideas come from graffiti art of the 70s in New York, where people were expressing themselves with paint. Then there was the White Rose Movement.

"It's about being free to be yourself and to express yourself among negative surroundings."