London-based Cold Specks is the brainchild of  Canadian singer-songwriter Al Spx, who earned the group their 'doom soul' tag following their 2012 debut 'I Predict a Graceful Expulsion'. Now, they're back with their second offering, 'Neuroplasticity', for which they have now unveiled a new single entitled 'Abisisto'.

Cold Specks - Abisisto Single Review

The track starts with a series of bendy electronics that catch your attention as they rise and fall, but the low volume gives it a gloomy feel. Spx's soulful croon comes in soon enough to mesmerizingly juxtapose the electronics which start to shake at the back end of the chorus when the vocals get stronger with Spyx singing: 'simmer down, settle in'. The gentle change in rhythm affects the delivery of the song, but never the overall mood.

The bridge on this track increases the momentum greatly as the loudening drums causes everything else to feel thicker and the vocals more intense, before falling back into that gentle yet firm beat that is the very nature of 'Abisisto'.

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