What Remains concluded its first season with more murders and melodrama as the slow burning crime drama came to an end in what was an exciting, albeit a little haphazard, finale. Still, at least we got answers from the show as the killer was unmasked and the show came to a climatic, crazed end as Detective Len Harper (David Threlfall) finally got to the bottom of the mysterious attic flat. The rest of this article (obviously) contains spoilers. Alternatively you can check out the episode on the iPlayer.

David Threlfall
David Threlfall gave a brillaint performance all season

Writer Tony Basgallop and director Coky Giedroyc should be commended first and formost for keeping the list of suspects so open until the final episode of the show, but boy did the lid get blown off in the final half of the hour-long episode. Things kicked off with a usual dark, brooding start; the residents of No. 8 Coulthard Street slowly but surely had their front doors booted wide open and their secrets came falling out, but not in a fashion that many of us would have expected. Indeed the body-count rose even higher.

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