Cody Simpson will ''always love'' Gigi Hadid.

The 'Pretty Brown Eyes' singer - who split from the model two months ago - said the paparazzi following them around constantly and their ''highly publicised'' relationship was ''uncomfortable'', but that won't stop his feelings for her.

He told DuJour magazine: ''I love my ex-girlfriend, I always will. It was an amicable, mutual decision, and we still talk every now and then, but the highly publicised thing made me uncomfortable. Going out to dinner and there being all this paparazzi and stuff ... ''

The 18-year-old star has admitted he felt he was ''straying away'' from his real self, but only realised it after they stopped seeing each other.

He said: ''As soon as we split I had the realisation that I was straying away from who I was as a whole person.''

Meanwhile, Cody - who has been linked to 'Come & Get It' singer Selena Gomez recently - also insisted they were just ''pretty good friends'' and that it became ''weird'' between them.

He added: ''I went though a phase where I was pretty good friends with Selena, and then it got kinda weird, because I just try to be nice to everyone.''