These days it's rather easier to realise the truth, as Shakespeare long ago proclaimed, that the world is indeed your oyster. What's more, you no longer need a sword with which to plunder its riches; musical talent and inquisitive minds will do just as nicely. Having touched on some South American references with their first critically acclaimed album, 'Johannes', Cocos Lovers are back with more worldly wisdom awash with a wealth of rhythmic and tuneful hybrids containing some fabulously ingenious use of all that has come to influence their song writing. (If Andy Kershaw were looking for a band, or in fact a label, to define his early pioneering work in broadcasting he would surely not be disappointed to have chosen this 8 piece band from Deal.)

The bands new album 'Elephant Lands' is at times an involved composition of beautifully crafted songs. In the most part the tracks revolve around some great tales that are brim full with emotion and blood tied pain. There are well observed relationships and heart on your sleeve honesty played out through tender and rousing ballads that eschew some of the norms of the more bland folk from which they were ostensibly born. Having taken the chance to include influences and references from the far flung shores of the globe Cocos Lovers music has become a gorgeous blend of the warmly familiar and the interestingly exotic. (It's like sitting in your arm chair listening to the Today Programme whilst looking longingly at the Henry Rousseau above the mantlepiece).

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