Review of Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo Album by Coati Mundi

Coati Mundi is the stage name of American musician Andy Hernandez, vibraphone player and member of Kid Creole and the Coconuts as well as Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. He certainly has had a colourful career and growing up as a first generation Puerto Rican who grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York City can definitely be heard on this album. The title itself illustrates a free expression of creativity that is non compromising and shows what they want to express.

Coati Mundi Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo Album

'Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo' is certainly an interesting album that has lots of different flavours from dance and house music, to Latin rhythms, funk, disco and pop. It creates a colourful album that is unique, interesting and pretty hip for sure. It's like rainbow music in 'the hood', with sunshine and good spirits. It's an individual and fun album expressed with a playful fondness of fusion music. There's definite good musicianship and creativity here although the quirkiness may make it slightly difficult for some to digest, however there are some really good stand out moments that could be played in all manner of different playlists.

You can't help feel the sunshine and playfulness of this album. It shows some slickness and then some cheese to alarm you, however it's clear they've enjoyed making this and their uncompromising delivery of certain lyrics and different songs put together on the album shows an originality and defiance you can't help but respect. Overall it's pretty cool and definitely likeable if you're looking for some new Spanish Harlem. Cool!

Tareck Ghoneim

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