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Kevin Spacey Producing Presidential Documentary Series

Kevin Spacey CNN

House Of Cards' Tv president Kevin Spacey is delving into history to produce a new documentary series about U.S. leaders through the years.

The actor will narrate the six-episode CNN show, titled Race for the White House, and will focus each instalment on a different presidential campaign.

Spacey's House of Cards production partner Dana Brunetti will co-produce.

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Mo'nique Convinced Lee Daniels Made 'Blackballing' Comments Over Oscars Speech Snub

Mo'nique Lee Daniels CNN

Actress Mo'nique is convinced filmmaker Lee Daniels is the only person who holds a grudge against her following her 2010 Oscars win, because she failed to thank him personally during her acceptance speech.

The Precious star recently revealed Daniels told her Hollywood studio executives had "blackballed" the actress for refusing to "play the game" by campaigning for the 2009 drama ahead of the Academy Awards, where she landed the Best Supporting Actress prize.

The alleged backlash led to Mo'Nique missing out on roles in Daniels' follow up projects, The Butler and his new Tv series Empire, and now the 47 year old has come to the conclusion the director is the only person not willing to work with her, because she snubbed him during Hollywood's big night.

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Kelsey Grammer Makes Up With Piers Morgan After Tv Spat

Kelsey Grammer Piers Morgan CNN

Kelsey Grammer has ended a long-running feud with Piers Morgan three years after storming off the set of the former newsman's CNN show.

The Frasier star hit headlines in 2012 when he pulled out of an appearance on U.S. Tv series Piers Morgan Tonight at the very last minute after spotting a picture of his ex-wife Camille in the show's opening credits.

Morgan was infuriated by the drama and banned Grammer from ever working with him in the future, but the pair put the feud behind them at a pre-Oscars party thrown by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in California last month (Feb15).

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Bill Cosby: 'I'm Far From Finished'

Bill Cosby CNN

Comedian Bill Cosby has issued a new statement as women continue to add their names to the list of sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour accusers speaking out about alleged trysts with the funnyman, insisting the scandal will not bring his ongoing stand-up tour to a premature end.

As the comic's lawyers reportedly prepare to file dismissal papers to end three defamation cases against Cosby from women who were called liars when they came forward with their decades-old accusations, the funnyman, who has never been charged of any crime in relation to the claims, has reached out to his supporters.

In a new statement, the 77 year old writes, "Dear Fans: For 53 years you have given me your love, support, respect and trust. Thank you! I can't wait to see your smiling faces and warm your hearts with a wonderful gift - Laughter. I'm ready!"

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Wanda Sykes Didn't Plan On 'Coming Out' Speech

Wanda Sykes CNN

Comedienne Wanda Sykes had no plan to "come out" as a lesbian during her surprise appearance at a same-sex marriage rally in 2008.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm regular wed wife Alex Sykes in the summer of 2008, just before Proposition 8 was passed in California banning gay marriage.

Weeks later, Sykes took to the stage at a rally against Prop 8 in Las Vegas, where she publicly spoke out about being gay for the first time.

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President Obama: 'I Might Have Called Theatre Bosses To Help Sony'

Barack Obama Seth Rogen CNN

President Barack Obama has revealed he could have offered to call the heads of cinema chains threatening not to screen Seth Rogen's new comedy The Interview if Sony bosses had come to him with their concerns.

During his end of year press conference at The White House on Friday (19Dec14), Obama told reporters he thought studio executives had "made a mistake" in scrapping the film's 25 December (14) release after bowing to pressure from cyberterrorists unhappy with the movie, in which Rogen and James Franco play journalists assigned to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The President said he was surprised that Sony bosses had not contacted him before pulling the plug on the film.

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Candy Crowley Leaves CNN After Nearly Three Decades


It’s the end of an era at CNN as journalist Candy Crowley, a longstanding political reporter, is leaving the company after 27 years. She was CNN’s chief political correspondent.

Crowley, 65, was the host of CNN’s Sunday morning talk show ‘State of the Union’, a political magazine show that rounds up the week’s most significant news, and puts politicians, senators, Cabinet members and the like under the media spotlight through candid interviews.

Barack Obama Candy Crowley
Candy Crowley covered Barack Obama's (above) campaigns

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Tony Visconti: 'I Was Misquoted Over David Bowie Album'

David Bowie CNN The Man

David Bowie's producer Tony Visconti has disappointed the superstar's fans by insisting he was misquoted when talking about the rock legend's new music.

Visconti, who worked on Bowie's 2013 comeback record The Next Day, reportedly told editors at America's CNN network that the Starman hitmaker was poised to release another new album.

However, the producer has now spoken out to clarify his comments, revealing he was talking about Bowie's upcoming greatest hits project which features a new song called Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime), and was previously teased by the singer, who wrote on his website, "More music soon".

Continue reading: Tony Visconti: 'I Was Misquoted Over David Bowie Album'

Pharrell Williams Urges Obama To Visit Ferguson Warzone

Pharrell Williams Barack Obama CNN

Pharrell Williams has become the latest celebrity to urge U.S. leader President Barack Obama to visit Ferguson, Missouri following last month's (Aug14) race riots between locals and law enforcement officials.

The town became a warzone after teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer investigating a robbery, and Williams is among those who feel Obama should have been there to calm tensions.

Pharrell tells CNN, "The President needs to go down there. When your parents come into the room, whether it's you or your cousin that knocked the vase down, you all stand at attention (sic)."

Continue reading: Pharrell Williams Urges Obama To Visit Ferguson Warzone

Actress Skye Mccole Bartusiak Suffered From Epileptic Seizures

Skye McCole Bartusiak CNN

Former child star Skye McCole Bartusiak had suffered a series of epileptic seizures in the days leading up to her weekend death, according to her mother.

The actress, who played Mel Gibson's movie daughter in The Patriot, died at her parents' Houston, Texas home on Saturday (19Jul14), aged 21.

Her mum Helen reveals Skye first experienced seizures as a baby, but hadn't had another attack for years, until just a week before her passing.

Continue reading: Actress Skye Mccole Bartusiak Suffered From Epileptic Seizures

At The CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute At The Shrine Auditorium.

Deborah Ann Woll and CNN - E.J. Scott and actress Deborah Ann Woll CNN Heroes : An All-Star Tribute Shrine Auditorium LA CA USA, Los Angeles, California - at the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at The Shrine Auditorium. Sunday 11th December 2011

Deborah Ann Woll and Cnn
Deborah Ann Woll and Cnn
Deborah Ann Woll
Deborah Ann Woll and Cnn
Deborah Ann Woll
Deborah Ann Woll

The Wedding Of Prince William And Catherine Middleton - The Mall

Anderson Cooper, Cat Deeley, CNN and Piers Morgan - Anderson Cooper, Cat Deeley and Piers Morgan filming for CNN on location London, England - The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton - The Mall Friday 29th April 2011

Anderson Cooper, Cat Deeley, Cnn and Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan Outside The 'Good Morning America' Studios To Talk About His New CNN Talk Show 'Piers Morgan Tonight'

Piers Morgan and CNN - Monday 17th January 2011 at Good Morning America New York City, USA

Piers Morgan and Cnn
Piers Morgan and Cnn
Piers Morgan and Cnn
Piers Morgan and Cnn
Piers Morgan and Cnn

Arrive At Times Square To Host CNN's Live New Year's Eve Show

Anderson Cooper, CNN and Kathy Griffin - Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Friday 31st December 2010 at Times Square New York City, USA

Anderson Cooper, Cnn and Kathy Griffin
Anderson Cooper, Cnn and Kathy Griffin

At The Launch Of CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' At The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. - Outside Arrivals

Emily Maitlis, CNN and Piers Morgan - Emily Maitlis, London, England - at the launch of CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. - Outside Arrivals Tuesday 7th December 2010

Emily Maitlis, Cnn and Piers Morgan
Emily Maitlis, Cnn and Piers Morgan

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Authorities armed with tranquilizer guns are still trying to capture dozens of #tigers at a controversial Buddhist temple in #Thailand after monks allegedly set some free to delay the process. The
Jessica Gray wears the shirt of her late husband, Army Staff Sgt. Yance T. Gray. He was killed in Iraq in 2007. His wedding ring rests on a chain around her neck, as her arms wrap tightly and emotionally around the folded American flag that was draped over his coffin just a few months earlier.

This portrait was shot by photographer Platon Antoniou and is part of his book
Elane Burns was taking photos of a double #rainbow in Merkel, #Texas when lighting struck at the same moment.
President #Obama places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC, marking his final #MemorialDay in office via @cnnpolitics Smialowski/Getty Images
This is where @barackobama and family will live after leaving the #WhiteHouse next year. The house, valued at $7 million, is in the #Kalorama neighborhood of #Washington, D.C. – an upscale area home to many embassies. The 8,200-square-foot home was built in 1928 and has nine bedrooms. The Obamas have decided to stay in #DC so that youngest daughter Sasha can finish high school there. (Photo via @redfinrealestate)
Workers putting touches on the aquatic center at the main complex for the 2016 #Rio #Olympics. According to CNN's Ivan Watson, a little more than 2 months before the Games, organizers insist all construction is on schedule and on budget. Unlike previous Games, organizers say they deliberately avoided opulence in the stadium projects. (📷: Ivan Watson @ivancnn / CNN) #Brazil
The Sydney Opera House was lit up with an art installation called 'Songlines' on May 27, the opening night of Vivid Sydney, which is a festival of light, music and ideas. (Photo: SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images) #Sydney #Australia
An Indian family on a motorbike turns around after being blocked by a fallen tree after strong winds and heavy #rain in the city of Amritsar on May 30, 2016. (Nardiner Nanu/AFP/Getty Images) #India #storm
The remains of the Idomeni makeshift refugee camp. Greek police have cleared the camp and relocated around 10 thousand refugees to official camps with better facilities. Although the refugees that were camped here should be now living in better conditions, the clearing of Idomeni also shows that their hopes of legally crossing the border to seek asylum have been abandoned. (📷: Atika Shubert @atikacnn / CNN)

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