Forgive us for being a little cynical, but surely the new reality show 'Mrs. Eastwood & Company' , but surely the only person you'd really want to see is the main man himself, Clint Eastwood. Well, he was there for all of 75 seconds of the debut reality show that follows his wife Dina and her daily life. Eastwood drops in for a family dinner during the debut episode and, according to the New York Times, generally looks amused and says little - sounds about right.
The rest of it follows Mrs. Eastwood on her day to day travails around Northern California, which includes managing South African group Overtone, who she discovered whilst across in the country with her husband whilst he was filming 'Invictus.' See the pattern here? Clint is often mentioned but rarely seen, meaning that instantly interest in the show wanes as we realise there's basically a great big gap where a particularly famous actor and director should be.
The critics seem to agree; whilst the Chicago Sun Times were fairly positive about it, the Los Angeles Times were having none of it, damning "There is simply no way you can watch Dina engage in what is the undeniably narcissistic enterprise of having cameras follow her around and not think all sorts of worrisome and occasionally uncharitable things about her rationale." Oof.