Clint Eastwood has splashed out $715,000 on a home for his reported former mistress.

The 84-year-old filmmaker is believed to have splashed out the huge sum on a two-bedroom 1950s home for his alleged former lover Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, with whom he was romantically linked after splitting from his wife Dina Eastwood.

A source revealed: ''Clint is battling Dina over his $375 million fortune, dragging his feet over settling their divorce,

''But he's found the time to buy Erica a home.''

The 'Good, the Bad and the Ugly' star forked out for the property in March, where the 43 year old now lives with her 22-year-old son Blake Holland, despite now dating a former hostess from his Mission Ranch Hotel in California, Christina Sandera.

The source told National Enquirer magazine: ''Clint obviously still has a soft spot for Erica if he's willing to plunk down that much cash for a house for her,

''I understand that her son, Blake, still works for Clint as a production assistant.''

Clint and Dina had been together for 17 years when they separated in October 2013, with his spouse fighting for custody of their 17-year-old daughter, Morgan.

Although they have not legally divorced, Dina is now believed to be romantically involved with Erica's ex-husband, Scott Fisher.