Clint Eastwood's son Scott changed his stage name to reflect his family connection at the request of his father.

The movie legend's 27-year-old son has followed his dad into the film industry but started his career as Scott Reeves, using his mother's last name in a bid to distance himself from the veteran actor/director.

Scott admits he wanted a chance to prove himself as an actor without trading off his father's fame, but his dad eventually convinced him to change his name back.

He tells the New York Post, "I wanted to make it on my own and to at least see if I could do it by myself. Everyone wants to pitch Eastwood; that's the cheapest game in the book. Can you make it on your own? Can you stand on your own two feet? If you're not good, if you can't carry your weight in the audition room... it doesn't matter what your last name is... It (changing my name back to Eastwood) was one of those things, it was always going to happen."