Clint Eastwood wasn’t perhaps the first name on everybodys' lips when the Jersey Boys movie adaptation was in its early stages, but the vetern actor-turned-director seems to have done a solid job in taking the Broadway smash on to the silver screen. 

Jersey BoysClint Eastwood's Jersey Boys hits cinemas tonight, June 20

The recipient of 5 Oscars, Eastwood has starred in 66 films, produced 40 and directed 37, and at the age of 84, couldn’t help but slip a cameo in to his latest project. Here is he talking to The Mirror about his “Hitchcock” moment in Jersey Boys. 

“It was suggested that I join in on a production number, dancing down the street to run during the end credits, but I said, “No. A man must know his limitations.” Then one of the actors suggested that during a party scene he could be watching me in the old TV series Rawhide, so we did that. That was my way of having a Hitchcock moment without actually having to do anything.”

Eastwood's 'Jersey Boys' Is Fun But Fails To Upstage Broadway

Added Eastwood of the 60s, when Jersey Boys takes place: “There were a lot of changes going on but I was a little slow so I didn’t catch on. When everybody else was experimenting with drugs, I was drinking beer. I was still liking Charlie Parker and jazz. Along the way I developed a love for country music, where they told a story and you could actually understand the lyrics.”

Despite not garnering ‘critical acclaim’, Jersey Boys has been popular. Chris  Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly said: “What saves it are those nostalgic, soaring doo-wop numbers ... and Eastwood's measured doses of directorial playfulness, such as when the actors cheekily break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience, as they did on Broadway,” in his review.

Watch the trailer for Jersey Boys here