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2015 Operation Smile Gala

Clifton Collins Jr. - 2015 Operation Smile Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Arrivals at Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 3rd October 2015

"FURIOUS 7" World Premiere

Clifton Collins Jr. - Premiere of 'Furious 7' at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX - Hollywood, California, United States - Wednesday 1st April 2015

Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.

Premiere Of "Furious 7" At The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

Clifton Collins Jr. - A host of stars were snapped as they attended the world premiere of "Furious 7" which was at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 2nd April 2015

Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.

Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822's 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala & Tournament

Clifton Collins Jr - Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822's 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala & Tournament at Sunset Tower Hotel - West Hollywood, California, United States - Friday 20th February 2015

Clifton Collins Jr

Clifton Collins Jr. Departs From Los Angeles International Airport

Clifton Collins Jr. - Pacific Rim actor, Clifton Collins Jr. departs from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 27th January 2015

Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.

Transcendence Review


Far too slow-paced to work as a thriller and too shallow to properly challenge us as science fiction, this film is unlikely to please many audience members. That isn't to say that it's unwatchable: it looks terrific, and features a strong cast who are solid in thinly written roles. But the material promises far more than the film delivers.

At the centre is Will (Johnny Depp), an artificial intelligence expert who is attacked by an anti-technology terrorist group. With only weeks to live, his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and his colleague Max (Paul Bettany) upload his consciousness into his computer system, so after he dies he is able to transcend his humanity to solve far-advanced problems. He directs Evelyn to create a vast secret hideout to further develop the work, which progresses for two years until the terrorists, led by Bree (Kate Mara), find them. And now Will's old colleague Joseph (Morgan Freeman) and an FBI agent (Cillian Murphy) have to choose which side they're on.

This is precisely where the script fails: the sides are far too clear from the start. What should be a story packed with moral ambiguity is instead shaped into a straightforward good versus evil drama that betrays screenwriter Jack Paglen's mistrust of technology. And since everything is slanted so sharply, there's nowhere for the story or characters to go. First-time director Wally Pfister (the Oscar-winning Dark Knight cinematographer) makes sure everything look terrific, but everything moves so hesitantly that we feel like we're watching the movie in slow motion. It's as if the film is always on the verge of saying something important, but can never quite get the words out.

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Transcendence - Alternative Trailer

Computer genius Will Caster is involved in a technological program exploring the world-changing possibilities of artificial intelligence. Their goal is to create a machine that will have knowledge beyond the minds of human beings collectively, while also being able to reach Transcendence; a state in which this artificial mind can begin to feel human emotion. After a particularly enlightening seminar in which the goals of the project in terms of medicine are highlighted, he is shot suddenly. At first it appears that he is going to survive as the bullet didn't hit any major organs, but doctors quickly realise that the attack was much more insidious as it has been laced with radioactive matter. With only weeks to live as research labs across the country are being targeted by a radical anti-technology activist group called RIFT, Caster must find a way to live. When his wife Evelyn manages to upload his consciousness, it seems his project has been fulfilled - but it soon becomes clear that the power he is about to wield will put the world at risk.

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Transcendence Trailer

Will Caster is a computer scientist researching technology into the possibilities of artificial intelligence. After a gripping seminar where he described his desire to create a machine with not only an intelligence that exceeds human beings collectively, but also experience emotion - a state in which he refers to as Transcendence - he is gunned down by a radical activist who is part of anti-technology group RIFT. With the bullet not penetrating any major organs, the main damage the organization seems to have done is virtually attack research computers in all the main labs of the country, but when it turns out that that bullet was laced with radioactive material, Caster is given just weeks to live. Determined not to die, Caster and his wife Evelyn work out a way to upload his consciousness so that he can communicate even beyond the grave. However, not everybody is so sure of what has happened; a concern which becomes more and more warranted as Carter's mind begins to evolve.

'Transcendence' is the unnerving sci-fi directorial debut of Oscar winning cinematographer Wally Pfister ('The Dark Knight Rises', 'The Italian Job', 'Inception'). Initially written by Jack Paglen (who will be writing 'Prometheus 2'), it has been re-written by Pfister, Jordan Goldberg ('Inception: Motion Comics' TV series) and Alex Paraskevas ('Walker Payne') and is set to be released in the UK on April 25th 2014.

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Parker Review


Far better made than it has any right to be, this cheesy 70s-style thriller is given a thoroughly engaging kick by veteran filmmaker Hackford working outside his usual dramatic genre. It's predictable and far too long, but Hackford grounds everything in gritty reality, avoiding obnoxious effects work while indulging in entertaining innuendo and riotously nasty action sequences.

None of this is much of a stretch for the cast, and Statham's Parker is essentially the same character he always plays: a ruthlessly efficient, indestructible criminal with a conscience. After a gang of thugs (including Chiklis and Collins) betrays him following a fairgrounds heist, Parker miraculously recovers from his hideous injuries and heads to Florida to get revenge. He uses local estate agent Leslie (Lopez) to find the gang's lair, and she's instantly attracted to the way he fills out his designer suit. Living with her soap-addict mum (LuPone), Leslie is looking for a wealthy man to rescue her. And she's already too involved when she realises that Parker isn't who he seems to be. 

There isn't much to the plot, which is packed with contrived twists and turns and never follows through the intriguing possibilities along the way. At least the film avoids the usual action cliches, as Hackford sharply orchestrates each fight sequence to make it both lucid and startlingly brutal. This earthy approach keeps things relatively believable, until Parker emerges with yet another serious injury that doesn't slow him down at all. Meanwhile, Hackford injects plenty of eyebrow-raising flirtation that keeps us smiling. Statham and Lopez may not be stretching themselves as actors, but they clearly have a lot of fun circling around each other like dogs on heat.

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Parker Trailer

Parker is a skilled thief with a very specific moral code; never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it and never steal from those with little money. Other than that, he is brutal, doing anything it takes to seize his target along with his so-called loyal team. However, one day he finds that his accomplices are not the people he thought they were when they stab him in the back and leave him to die. As single-minded as ever, Parker assumes the new name and identity of Texas guy Daniel Parmitt and sets out to destroy his former allies for what they did to him seeking an unusual partnership with Leslie:  a local resident of Palm Beach who has inside information on Parker's targets and agrees to help him despite having reservations about his plan to murder every last one of them and take the loot from their latest robbery.

'Parker' is a crime thriller based on the novel 'Flashfire' by Donald E. Westlake. It has been directed by the Oscar winner that is Taylor Hackford ('An Officer and a Gentleman', 'The Devil's Advocate') and written by John J. McLaughlin ('Black Swan', 'Hitchcock') and will be released in cinemas across the UK from March 8th 2013. 

Director: Taylor Hackford

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Pacific Rim Trailer

It has always been thought that alien life would arrive on the planet from space, but when colossal monsters arise from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it soon becomes clear that mankind are facing a threat unlike what they have ever anticipated before. The creatures are known as Kaiju and manage to effortlessly destroy cities around them, use up resources and take away millions of lives. While the Earth's population worry that the apocalypse has finally arrived, the military are less than willing to accept that fate and build enormous robots called Jaegers in an attempt to fight back. They work by having two people controlling them from the inside with their minds linked. However, even they are no match against the Kaiju and the defenders of Earth decide that they must enlist the help of an ex-pilot and untested trainee to bring to life an early model of a Jaeger that has earned much recognition despite being potentially just as useless as the others in this fight for the survival of Earth.

Directing and co-writing this action-packed sci-fi flick is Guillermo Del Toro ('Pan's Labyrinth', 'Hellboy') with writing credits also from Travis Beacham ('Clash of the Titans', 'Dog Days of Summer'). It is due to be released next summer; July 12th 2013.

Director: Guillermo del Toro

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Freeloaders Trailer

A bunch of freeloaders are living rent-free in a rockstar's luxurious mansion, however, when they are informed that the owner Adam Duritz (incidentally, the lead singer of Counting Crows), who is often away from home due to work and is therefore unheard of by some of his home's occupants, has decided to sell his lavish property in favour of moving to New York. In order to carry on living their swish, unearned lifestyles, the gang have to come up with $400,000 down payment which they attempt through selling some of Adam's stuff on eBay and allowing a porn movie to be shot on the property. Realizing that there's no way they can make enough money to keep the house, they embark on a sabotage mission, doing everything they possibly can to make sure the house is not sold.  

'Freeloaders' is a brilliant new comedy from the producer of 'Super Troopers' and 'Beerfest' (Richard Perello), directed by Dan Rosen ('Dead Man's Curve') and co-written by Dave Gibbs in his screenwriting debut. With a variety of guest appearances including from Adam Duritz of Counting Crows who was also a co-producer, this upcoming flick is scheduled to hit movie theaters in January 2013.

Starring: Olivia Munn, Jane Seymour, Nat Faxon, Clifton Collins Jr., Kevin Sussman, Dave Foley, Jay Chandrasekhar, Zoe Boyle, Garrett Morris, Dana Goodman, Natalie Morales & Kevin Heffernan, Brit Morgan.

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The Perfect Game Trailer

The Perfect Game is based on a true story about 9 young boys from Monterrey, Mexico who have a dream to compete in the Little League World Series. Angel Macias is the teams pitcher and is taken under the wing of Cesar Faz, a man who used to work as a janitor for St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, he tells Angel what he thinks to be a little white lie, he tells him he used to coach the Cardinals. After learning of his new heroes past, it doesn't take long for Angel to ask Cesar to coach Monterrey's first Little League team. The boys might be a little rag-tag but their passion wins through as they not only win the chance to go to America to play ball, the boys also surpass everyone's expectations and reach the little league finals!

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Extract Trailer

Joel Reynolds is a married businessman; his business Reynold's Extract is a failing flavouring company. When his soon to be floor manager is badly injured it's just the start of worse things to come. Constantly frustrated due to the lack of sex in his marriage and his worsening financial status he turns to Dean, his best friend who works as a barman who suggests a medicinal solution to his problems. Joel being the man that he is turns down Dean's offer and returns to work.

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Brothers Review

This remake of Susanne Bier's 2004 drama is an equally powerful story of family tensions and how violence affects more than just the victim. But the original Danish film's strained melodrama translates here as well.

Sam Cahill (Maguire) is a loyal Marine getting ready to head back to Afghanistan with his men. His wife Grace (Portman) is trying to be strong for their young daughters (Madison and Geare), but his stern father (Shepard) couldn't be prouder. Just before he ships out, Sam's black-sheep brother Tommy (Gyllenhaal) gets out of prison and, when Sam is reported killed in action, he rises to the challenge to help care for Grace and the girls. But several months later Sam is found, and what he experienced has left him dangerously paranoid.

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