Sir Cliff Richard won't stop eating meat when he supports Morrissey on his US tour.

The 73-year-old singer is ''honoured'' to be performing with the former Smiths frontman at New York's Barclay center on June 21, but he's adamant he won't change his eating habits for the vegetarian star.

When asked if he'll turn vegetarian for the day, he said: ''Certainly not. No, of course not. I like to think he might eat some meat when I arrive, but I wouldn't expect him to.

''So I don't think he'd expect me to be vegetarian. If I found he was offended by people eating meat then I won't eat it in front of him. But I'll have a chicken curry afterwards.''

The 'Living Doll' hitmaker admits he's been researching Morrissey on the internet since discovering he would be sharing the stage with him in four months time.

He explained to the BBC: ''I checked on the internet and saw a couple of shots of him live, and his audiences look really - I don't know how to say this - they look really nice.

''They were swaying in the crowd and mouthing lyrics and I was thinking, 'Oh, my audiences do that'. So maybe his audience will be kind to me.''

Meanwhile, Sir Tom Jones, 73, will also be supporting Morrissey on his US tour, but will take to the stage at Los Angeles Sports Arena on May 10.