Veteran crooner Sir Cliff Richard is in talks with Olivia Newton-John to stage a Las Vegas show.
The 70-year-old British singer has had hits around the world but has so far failed to crack America - but he's hoping a residency in Sin City will boost his chance of success.
He tells Woman's Weekly, "Olivia Newton-John and I have talked about joining forces to find a Las Vegas venue to perform at. Elton John said recently, 'I can't understand why you never cracked it'. And I can't either. It's the land of rock 'n' roll - like Wimbledon is to tennis.
"Acts like Elvis and Little Richard were the reason I started so it would mean a great deal to have at least one success over there. I've had nine Top 30 hits in America but never an identity. If I could just have one big hit I'd feel so much satisfaction."