Veteran British singer Sir Cliff Richard has spoken out in favour of gay marriage, insisting same-sex couples should be granted equal rights.
Gay partners in the U.K. are currently only able to enter into civil partnerships, which give them the same legal consequences of heterosexual unions, but are not officially recognised as a marriage.
However, British government officials last month (Sep11) announced plans to introduce a new law which would allow same-sex couples to officially wed.
And Richard has thrown his support behind the proposal because he would love to see his gay friends enjoy the same legal rights as everyone else.
He tells Bbc Radio 4, "I don't see why gay people shouldn't be married. I have got friends, same-sex couples, who have been together for decades. So for them it's marriage even though they can't call it marriage.
"It probably isn't marriage as such because we recognise it as a man and woman and having babies. (But) that's ­neither here nor there for me."