Sir Cliff Richard has never been considered the edgiest of performers, and hasn't had a problem with that in fairness. After all, he has found ample compensation in notching up some 250 million worldwide sales of his music since breakthrough single 'Puppy Love' stormed to number 2 in the UK way back in 1958.
However, even he's been disgruntled by his latest snub, with UK radio station Absolute Radio 60s banning him from their station, with presenter Pete Mitchell claiming to The Press Association, "His songs don't fit the cool sound of the swinging sixties we're trying to create on our new station. We believe timeless acts of the decade that remain relevant today are The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors and The Who, not Sir Cliff."
Damning indeed, and yet Richard is trying to claim some sort of victory from this, arguing that the whole ordeal - which has also seen his contemporaries Gerry & The Pacemakers struck off the list - is merely a publicity stunt and that if the station becomes successful then the reason for it should be down to him. "I think it's a great scam, don't you think it's a scam?" He reportedly told daytime UK television program 'Loose Women', "In a funny strange way they're using me to advertise their station. And I hope they are going to be really successful because then I can say 'Could they have ever done it without me?' and the answer is probably 'No'." The thank you card is sure to be in the post.