Review of Neon Single by Clearlake

Single Review

Clearlake Neon Single

"If you ever want to feel truly alone, I can't think of a better place to go" sings Jason Pegg on this tale of urban alienation. This track is rare in that it appeals to the head as well as the hips, Pegg ponders on the futility of looking for fulfilment and satisfaction in city nightlife while his band wreak havoc with a baggy blues riff overdriven to the power of a squillion, easily out-Kasabianing Kasabian. A harmonica and martial marching drums reveal themselves in the mix somewhere in this joyful exercise in controlled chaos.

The insistent, grinding groove of "Neon" will hook itself onto your brain like some kind of welcome musical parasite where it will stay for a while before burrowing deeper and revealing the majesty of the bleak, poetic lyrics contained within it. (Oh yes, it is just that good.) This saga of disenchantment in the city will blow you away, and leave you saying, "Arctic who?"

Ben Davis

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