John and Alice are a married couple in their mid-twenties struggling with trying to find their place in a world that they can't afford to live in. John has been laid off at work, while Alice's fruitless attempts to compete with more experienced career seekers aren't paying off. One day they discover an antiques store on the side of the road and Alice is immediately enchanted by an old looking brass teapot. She discovers that every time one of them hurts themselves, the pot explodes with cash leading them to believe they've found the future they've been dreaming of at last. The pair start waxing, tattooing and beating themselves to their hearts' content as they become richer and richer by the hour, and while they initially insisted they would stop after reaching one million dollars, Alice finds herself unable to stop wanting more. They put themselves in grave danger as the teapot's history comes back to haunt them and their once perfect relationship is now being tested for the first time.

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