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The Australian Premiere Of 'The Hunter' Held At Dendy Cinemas

Claudia Karvan Monday 26th September 2011 The Australian premiere of 'The Hunter' held at Dendy Cinemas Sydney, Australia

Claudia Karvan
Claudia Karvan

Daybreakers Review

Yet another entry into the post-apocalyptic vampire/zombie catalog, this stylish film at least has a sense of its own absurdity. While it plays everything dead straight, it also has a lot of fun with the rules of the genre.

It's 2019, and a virus has turned 95 percent of the population into vampires.

The problem is that as humans become extinct the vampires are starving for blood. So haematologist Edward (Hawke) is looking for a blood substitute, driven for profits by his aggressive boss (Neill). Trials aren't going well when Edward runs into some humans (including Karvan and Dafoe) who have a radical alternative: a cure for vampirism. But Edward's human-hunting military brother (Dorman) isn't happy about this.

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Daybreakers Trailer

Watch the trailer for Daybreakers

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The Official Opening Of The Australian Film Television And Radio School (AFTRS), Now Housed In A New State Of The Art Building Within The Entertainment Quarter At Moore Park

Claudia Karvan and Jeremy Sparks - Claudia Karvan and Jeremy Sparks Sydney, Australia - The official opening of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), now housed in a new state of the art building within the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park Thursday 22nd May 2008

Claudia Karvan and Jeremy Sparks
Claudia Karvan and Jeremy Sparks

Premiere Of 'Death Defying Acts' At The State Theatre

Claudia Karvan Monday 10th March 2008 Premiere of 'Death Defying Acts' at the State Theatre Sydney, Australia

Claudia Karvan

The Sony 'Tropfest,' The World’s Largest Short Film Festival - Held At The Domain

Claudia Karvan Sunday 17th February 2008 The Sony 'Tropfest,' the world’s largest short film festival - held at The Domain Sydney, Australia

Aquamarine Review

I wouldn't normally even try to review a teenybopper movie like Aquamarine, but I'm doing so for two reasons. First, it's in the bottom 100 of all movies, according to the silly and notoriously irrelevant "weighted average" of user ratings at the IMDb. Second, it's the first movie my three-year-old daughter sat through all the way without losing interest. We're talking about a kid who begs to wear a Cinderella dress when she gets home from school, but has yet to sit still through any Disney movie. That's something.

Anyhoo, Aquamarine is a mermaid movie, or rather, "the mermaid movie," as my daughter now calls it, about two best friends (Julia's niece Emma Roberts and teen singer JoJo) who find a lovely (and equally hormonally teenaged) mermaid washed into the oceanside pool at the motel run by Claire's (Roberts) family. With Hailey (JoJo), they teach the newly-legged Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) about land-based life, while she teaches the gawky girls how to use starfish as earrings. But Aqua's on a quest. In keeping with all mermaid movies, she's looking for love. And she figures the first guy she sees, a hunky lifeguard, will be it.

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Jackman To Return To Australian Tv

Hugh Jackman Claudia Karvan

Actor Hugh Jackman isn't too proud to return to his TV roots - he's set to appear on one of his favourite Australian TV series.

The X-MEN star is keen to shoot scenes in LOVE MY WAY, a Foxtel cable drama starring Claudia Karvan.

Jackman says, "I love that series. I think it is brilliant and I was so proud of Claudia (Karvan), who I have worked with (before)."

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Strange Planet Review

Ever wonder what Naomi Watts' real Aussie accent sounds like? Strange Planet is your best bet -- and you'll also get to see Matrix bad guy Hugo Weaving playing a very rare "old man dating younger girl" role.

In the film, that younger girl (Claudia Karvan), Watts, and Alice Garner, play a trio of Aussies looking for love in all the wrong places, natch, and three guys who we know will eventually be the recipients of that love. The focus is on the ladies though, thanks to their extreme neuroses. Watts is still nursing a years-old breakup, Karvan is of course trapped in an unhealthy relationship with Agent Smith. The guys have problems of their own, and before the year which Strange Planet follows is up, well, they'll all be resolved.

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Claudia Karvan

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