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Randy you tried so hard, and now you are in the hospital....Take it slow and know that MICHAEL'S fans are grateful to you to help getting the fans to see your big brother place of rest........ Prayers to you for a fast recovery.........

Posted 4 years 11 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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Movie stars would not be movie stars if it wasn't for the fans......therefore, not allowing fans to visit their person they chose to go visit is wrong, in this case it is MICHAEL JACKSON and it doesn't make any difference, fans should be allowed to visit MICHAEL JACKSON........The person Gable had fans at one time and they allowed fans to see what's the difference?????Is it because this Gable relative is discriminating against MICHAEL JACKSON BECAUSE OF HIS RACE RACE???????????IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT........WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE YEAR 2010.........GET WITH THE PROGRAM..........

Posted 4 years 11 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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oh well, I saw a picture of michael jackson coffin open on Dianna Ross's web page. this is a good photo of him but when you try to enlarge it it will not all of the words are in the German language. Randy is still greving over his brother, tremdouslyas fans are still greif stricken, i have stop crying relizeing I must move on and continue to grow in the Lord, I with see Michael in heaven all I have to do is stay saved.

Posted 5 years 1 week ago by girlygirlymormor

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I think that it will be kaotic. Can you imagine about 1 million fans for 1 day...will we get to spend maybe 8 hours on line just to go in for 1 minute. Then the haters that will probably try to go in to trash Michael in some way.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by mjlover4life

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I live in Chicago & my beliefs are Leave Michael Jackson Alone, people have taken his private life & now you want his Death, shame on you! I mean that for Michaels family, we all mourn in our own way, I still can't listen to a song without a tear, imagine how his children & famils feels, So I think all the true fans of the world should Pray on June 25,2010..We Loved Michael Let Him Rest In Peace..I will do just that, & hope everyone follows, MJ is gonna ne in our Hearts forever we grew up with him, yet never met him, That would have been a Dream for me...IT'S ALL FOR THE L.O.V.E. R.I.P MJ

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by mjmyhero1

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Randy, thanks brother. I agree with you 100%. MJ loves people and people still love him. It will be a great thing to allow fans to go in just to talk to him again, once a year. I believe he will be happy to be showered with physical presence of his fans even after death. I guess Gable is still so much in the box. I am sure even his dead grand grand who is now laying at Forest Lawn was not a private person. How can you be private and a celebrity at the same time? That is going a bit out of three dimensions thinking. And I think Bodhi has gone out of his mind. How on this earth do you expect people to get over and forget MJ???!!!!. Sorry, you are wrong, your wishful thinking is yours but it is not realistic. I must say, MJ broke the normal rules and created history when he made his way as a first black musician to be widely televised and this time he will change the rules of private cementry for once having fans visiting him there. He was a humanitarian most loving person and he still would like to have humans around him not only concretes like it is now. What's wrong about giving him that once a year? Randy and all Jackson's family, please keep it up asking the cementry authorities to allow fans going in to visit MJ once a year at least. It is so so important to MJ and us fans. Thanks because I know you are going to do it. I love you MJ. You are forever living!

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by josephine

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that would be a dream come true!

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by RMQ

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Firstly NONE of the Jackson family are standing on the side lines to get a slice of the cake, TRUE M.J. fans are NOT neurotic and Randy is THINKING of the fans that loved his brother dearly through all his trials and tribulations during his lifetime. The media conspired to distort, dehumanize and destroy Michael at every chance. He drew his strength from his fans in his darkest hours. His legacy will live forever and his spirit will continue to unite us all across the world. Gable may be unhappy with Randy's plans but must accept Michael was a PHENOMENAL ICON. His death affected billions of people worldwide - the likes of which will NEVER be seen again in our lifetime.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by susan

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Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by jacqueline.capucine

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They arent there to be disrepectufl for see that other guy...Its one day a year. MJ fans fly in from all over the world spending Thousands just to pay respect...I think it should be aloud just for this day. No harm, and yes it still will be sacred. What people dont understand is MJ has the most peaceful fans of them all! They all want to help spread HIS message of LOVE and PEACE.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by jcoe

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One day only may work however it will be a crazy emotional day...Gable and everyone else in the mausoleum will get recognition too.... It is up to the officials if Randy can pull something off.....

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by gayat1

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hey gable, remember FANS!!!, are who made YOUR father famous, you think you're better than us? sorry fathead,your far from it. In MY opinion you smudge Michael Jacksons reasting place, so there!!!

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by katt777

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What's so wrong with that as long as its done in an orderly fashion, like they do for the presidents who pass, I don't think CG would mind it would be like they were paying homage to him too...being so close...just as long as they sat y were they are suppose too...I'd love to visit...but I live in Fla. & I'll pay my respects & love for Michael on his page...God Bless You Michael RIP love for your children....then they can hold a private service for family if that happens see what the fans left him & how they loved him...he is greatly missed...Luv ya MJ

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by Nancy Fairfield

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More and more it is gonna come out that also the Jackson family is standing in line to get a slice of the cake. First they are getting all the support of all the neurotic MJ fans. And now one by one the familymembers show how neurotic they are themselves. Randy should let the late Michael go. For he is not around anymore. The fans should let all of this go. For this is gonna go on forever. This is samsara. The cycle of oncontrolled rebirth. This is the flame that it gonna go on and on and on. Where everybody thinks that doing this or doing that or saying this or sayning that is gonna make themselves happy. And if they are thinking that they are going to make somebody else happy. Most of the time it is because there is something to get wich make themselves better. With money, fame or something else to feed their ego. You won't find permanent happiness in samsara. It is all an illusion. Let go and you will find permanent spiritual happiness inside yourself. Michael is dead. Randy should let it go. Michael can't look inside Randy. In this life Randy is the only one who can look inside himself. To find permanent spiritual happiness.Ohm tare tutare tare. Ohm tare tutare tare. Ohm tare tutare tare. Ohm tare tutare tare. Ohm mani padme hum. Ohm mani padme hum. Ohm mani padme hum. Shiddhi, shiddi, siddhi, shiddhi.Namaste.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by Bodhi

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I agree. I think it's disrespectful to open it up to the public, even for a day. There are others interred there and I'm sure their families choose this place because of it's privacy and quiet. Also, no-one should be filed past Michael in such a way. It's disrespectful to Michael. He was laid there to prevent this sort of thing happening. Randy is out of his mind even suggesting such a thing.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by Helen_C

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