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'My Mad Fat Diary' Series Two Finale: Has Rae Managed To Resolve All Her Problems? (Spoilers) [Pictures]

Sharon Rooney Jodie Comer Claire Rushbrook Nico Mirallegro Ian Hart

The second series of 'My Mad Fat Diary' came to its eagerly awaited conclusion last night (March 31st 2014) with an assuredly and rather unbelievably happy ending, but has it set itself up for a third series?

The 90s comedy-drama was surprisingly well-received when the first series premiered on E4 in January 2013; a clever adaptation of the book of a similar name 'My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary' written by the real Rae Earl, with wonderfully imperfect characters and a relatable storyline. Perhaps the reason behind why it's such a good story is that it's based on the life of a real person - which makes the finale of series 2 even more heart-warming.

Rae Earl and The Gang in 'My Mad Fat Diary'
Rae has a struggle on her hands getting the gang back together

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Shiner Review

Not to be confused with dog-story Sounder, Shiner gives us Michael Caine, Martin Landau, and a pile of unknowns at their unbearable worst, in a story about a boxing promoter (Caine) who bets his life's savings on one of his son's fights, only for disaster to ensue.

Although Caine won an Oscar in 1999 for The Cider House Rules, there's a reason you didn't see his follow-up in this movie: because it's total crap. The acting is awful and the story is an insult. Director John Irvin has had better luck with "women's films" like Widow's Peak and A Month By the Lake, but unfortunately his action ends up more like Raw Deal.

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Secrets & Lies Review

After directing nearly 20 years of TV movies and a few well-received features, filmmaker Mike Leigh found a heap of acclaim for this unique 1996 family drama about the quiet secrets we all keep and the dangers of such silence. Leigh and his solid UK cast take a seemingly simple tale - an adopted woman meets her birth mother - and unleash a raw, well-layered character piece that examines the complexities of relationship. Their efforts resulted in five Oscar nominations and won Leigh the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Leigh's storied, unconventional approach to filmmaking is part acting workshop, part pure cinema... and a performer's dream. He assembles a troupe of players, introduces them to character and storyline, and works through weeks of improvisation. The movie's dialogue and action are created on the spot during that exercise, are later morphed into a note-jammed screenplay, and then become a polished film.

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Claire Rushbrook

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Billy Corgan Teases

Billy Corgan Teases "Two New EPs" Of Smashing Pumpkins Songs In 2018

Corgan took to Instagram to confirm rumours of new Pumpkins material, saying the first songs could arrive as early as May.


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