The multifaceted, controversial and award-winning drama that is Homeland is coming back, adding to the already impressive roster of televisual drama treats set to grace our small screens over the next few months.

Claire DanesClaire Danes is back for season three of Homeland

The new trailer features everything you want to see in a terrorist/governmental drama: dark rooms, maps on walls with pins in them, bombs being made and people looking through photos Classic drama fare.

"I don't think it would be a betrayal to say that he's not in the first two episodes, but it would be a betrayal to tell you when he does appear," said co-creator Alex Gansa, giving away the fact that Brody doesn’t appear for the first couple episodes. "His flight from America just made it impossible to incorporate in the first two episodes."

Earlier this month, Damian Lewis, who plays Brodie, told reporters at the press conference for season three: “Is he swanning around a yacht on the Cote d'Azur with a bevy of Russian beauties - which I pitched? Is he hidden away? Is he lost? When you do see him, I hope it will be interesting.”

The return of Homeland is being anticipated among a slew of returning TV, with Breaking Bad coming back yesterday (Aug, 11), Boardwalk Empire coming back in September and The Walking Dead hitting screens with season four in October.

It has already seen Claire Danes and Lewis pick up Emmys for their starring roles, and won the award for Outstanding Drama in 2012, with a nomination in the same category being awarded this year. It will face tough competition, with Breaking Bad, Man Men and House of Cards all battling for the prize.

Damien LewisDamien Lewis at the Baftas