Homeland, starring Clare Danes and Damian Lewis, won six Emmys and enjoyed an increase in viewers because of it, now the show has been awarded a third season after Showtime ordered its renewal. Network chief David Nevins has been talking to The Hollywood Reporter.

"There wasn't a lot of suspense in the decision," explained Nevins on the news of a third season. "The evidence seems to be that more and more people are coming to the show." The Oct. 21 record high of 1.75 million, a 25 percent boost in cumulative viewership and 1.1 million new subscribers this year could be the statistics he was alluding to. I think they've shown a willingness to make big story moves from the very beginning," he said of Sunday's episode. "They've avoided the long tease that I think the audience has sort of come to expect. It's very hard to figure out Homeland's rhythm, and that makes it exciting to watch."

The news that many of the writers will remain the same will come as a relief to some of the show’s most ardent fans. "I think the core of the writing staff will return," he said. "Change is inevitable in television, so you can't fear it, and it would probably get boring if we kept it the same group year after year."