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40th Anniversary Gracies Awards

Cicely Tyson - A variety of stars were photographed as they arrived for the 40th Anniversary Gracies Awards which honor programming made for women, by women and about women at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 19th May 2015

Cicely Tyson
Cicely Tyson
Cicely Tyson

The Paley Center for Media's tribute to African-American Achievements in Television

Kerry Washington and Cicely Tyson - A host of stars were snapped as they arrived for the Paley Center for Media's tribute to African-American Achievements in Television which was held at the Cipriani Wall Street in New York, United States - Wednesday 13th May 2015

Kerry Washington

Michelle Obama Gives Impassioned & Encouraging Speech At Black Girls Rock! Awards

Michelle Obama Jada Pinkett-Smith Erykah Badu Cicely Tyson Angelina Jolie Ava DuVernay Beverly Bond

Michelle Obama continued spreading her message of education whilst attending the Black Girls Rock! awards ceremony on Saturday (28th March). The First Lady gave an impassioned speech at the event and encouraged the audience, which included many young black girls and women, to have self-confidence, ignore any discouraging voices and continue in their education.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama speaking at the Black Girls Rock! awards ceremony on Saturday.

See More Pictures From the Black Girls Rock! Awards Ceremony.

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BET's 'Black Girls Rock!'

Cicely Tyson - BET's 'Black Girls Rock!' sponsored by Chevrolet held at NJPAC Prudential Hall - Show - New York, New Jersey, United States - Wednesday 18th March 2015

Cicely Tyson

2015 Children's Defense Fund Beat The Odds Gala

Marian Wright Edelman and Cicely Tyson - 2015 Children's Defense Fund Beat The Odds Gala at The Pierre Hotel in New York City at The Pierre - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 5th March 2015

Marian Wright Edelman and Cicely Tyson
Cicely Tyson and Guest
Cicely Tyson and Guest

88th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Cicely Tyson - Photographs of the floats, balloons and atmosphere at the 88th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 27th November 2014

The Haunting in Connecticut 2 Trailer

Following the ghostly events in the Connecticut house of the Campbell family in 1987, a new family begins to experience their own share of paranormal activity. When the Wyricks move into a quaint new home in the countryside of Georgia, they have no idea that they are entering into a nightmare. Matriarch of the family Lisa has suffered from disturbing visions all her life to the point where she takes medication to quash it. Her sister, Joyce, is equally afflicted, though refuses any sort of drugs to cloud her own hallucinations. When Heidi starts to see things on moving into the house, it becomes a whole other ball game when their house's history is revealed as part of the former Underground Railroad - a safe house for slave escapees in the 19th century. Heidi starts to communicate with a phantom Mr Gordy who warns her of a terrible evil in the house threatening her own life.

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Video - Lenny Kravitz Brings Cicely Tyson To 'The Butler' NY Premiere - Part 2

Members of the cast including singer Lenny Kravitz and 'Jack Reacher' actor David Oyelowo arrive at the premiere of 'The Butler' in New York. Lenny plays the role of James Holloway in the film while David stars as Louis Gaines.

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So THAT's Who Designed Cicely Tyson's Tony Awards Gown [Pictures]

Cicely Tyson Tony Awards

Cicely Tyson caused quite the stir on Twitter Sunday night, though not for her Tony Award win for best actress. The Trip to Bountiful actress had turned heads by turning up to the bash in an Ursula-inspired dress that also resembled a giant.purple..scrunchy. Whatever, it looked pretty impressive and made Tyson look like some cool villainess. But nobody knew who designed it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, fashion houses quickly took credit everyone else's shoes, gowns and jewellery, though the press release owning up to Tyson's gown never came. Until Monday.

Finally, some 24 hours after the Tony Award, the design house B. Michael America took credit for the elaborate gown, confirming it was part of its pre-spring 2014 haute couture collection. The trumpet-shaped dress is apparently made from indigo blue silk and features "hand-draped ruffle seams." So there you go.

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Alex Cross - Trailer Trailer

Alex Cross is a homicide detective in Washington DC who comes across a series of gruesome and elaborate murders on duty. The victims look as if they've been tortured to death with a reasonable amount of skill, as if the perpetrator was an expert in inflicting pain. Cross deduces that their suspect is ex-military going by his techniques and it doesn't take long before he and the murderer, Michael 'The Butcher' Sullivan make contact. It is clear that Sullivan is deranged, believing that inflicting pain is his calling in life. In spite of any mental incapacities, however, Cross loses all sense of his own morality and indeed sanity when Sullivan targets and murders his beautiful wife on their anniversary and he sets out to track down this killer once and for all, though things do not appear as easy as he might've thought.

'Alex Cross' is the crime thriller adapted from the popular American novelist James Patterson's twelfth book on the character, 'Cross'. The movie's screenplay has been written by Marc Moss, who also wrote the previous Alex Cross-based movie 'Along Came a Spider', alongside Kerry Williamson in her writing debut. With a director like Rob Cohen ('The Fast and the Furious', 'xXx'), expect high-energy action and thrilling danger from this exciting upcoming flick set ton hit UK cinemas on November 30th 2012.

Starring: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito, Rachel Nichols, Edward Burns, John C. McGinley, Yara Shahidi, Chad Lindberg, Cicely Tyson, Carmen Ejogo, Stephanie Jacobsen and Ingo Rademacher

The Help Review

A strongly issue-based story gives a terrific cast plenty to play with in this hugely engaging drama about the American South in the 1960s. And while the film kind of skims the surface, it's a story that still needs to be told.

After graduating from university, Skeeter (Stone) returns home to Jackson, Mississippi, to seek work as a journalist. But one theme from her childhood haunts her: the maid (Tyson) who actually raised her. But her similarly raised close friends (Howard, O'Reilly and Camp) now take their own maids for granted, and Skeeter wonders why this story has never been told from the help's point of view. After finding an interested New York editor (Steenburgen), it takes awhile to convince Aibileen (Davis) to tell her story, especially as both know it will upset the status quo.

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The Help Trailer

Skeeter has always dreamt of becoming a writer; fresh out of college she attempts to get a job at one of New York's best publishing houses but unfortunately isn't successful at landing the job. Returning home she starts to write a column for the local news paper but is distracted by personal matters when she learns that the family maid, who raised Skeeter, has gone missing.

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Why Did I Get Married Too Trailer

Watch the trailer for Why Did I Get Married Too

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Roots Review

When you think of epic mini-series, what comes to mind? Rich Man, Poor Man? Shogun? More likely than not, it's Roots, the based-on-a-true story tale that spooled over 12 hours and six nights, the story of "an American family," albeit one that began captured in Africa in 1750, then sold into slavery in the U.S. colonies.

Roots begins with Kunta Kinte, emerging from childhood and undergoing warrior training in his tribal homeland. The slavers arrive soon enough, and after a harrowing three-month ride back across the Atlantic, Kunta is sold, becomes Toby under his new master, attempts repeated escapes, and eventually accepts his fate as he settles down with a wife and child. The Revolutionary War comes and goes, and Toby's daughter Kizzy is sold, becoming the mother of her new master's son, known as Chicken George. Chicken George in turn is sent to England to pay off a gambling debt. When he returns home after 14 years, he is a free man. The Civil War arrives, and the rest of the slaves are freed. Soon enough the family faces the perils of vehement racism and the KKK, and Chicken George finally leads his family to safety in a new settlement.

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Because Of Winn-Dixie Review

Because of Winn-Dixie, the latest effort from director Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club, Smoke), is about a special dog who makes a difference in a child's life. It's about small towns and the secrets they hide. It's about 110 minutes of well-meaning, benign unoriginality.

Based on Kate DiCamillo's novel, the movie takes place in sleepy Naomi, FL, population 2,524. Ten-year-old Opal (the precocious AnnaSophia Robb) has moved here with her dad (Jeff Daniels), the town's new preacher. While her father adjusts to a set of challenges -- including preaching in a half-empty convenience store -- Opal has her own: She has no friends and no mother to help cope with her loneliness. Opal's rapport with her father is shaky at best, and it represents the movie's most effective plotline.

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Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson Quick Links

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