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Scientology Blamed For Penelope Cruz And Tom Cruise Split

Scientology is reportedly the reasoning behind Tom Cruise's split from Penelope Cruz in 2004.The 50-year-old actor dated Penelope, his 'Vanilla Sky' co-star for three years, in between his second and third marriages to Nicole Kidman...

Scientology Accused Of Turning Kidman's Children Against Her

The Church of Scientology has been accused of turning Nicole Kidman's children against her.The actress' son Conor was just six and his sister Isabella was eight when Nicole divorced their father Tom Cruise in 2001...

Tom Cruise's Daughter Rumoured To Be Joining Sea Org

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter is reportedly joining the Church of Scientology's controversial division, Sea Org.Isabella Cruise, 19, apparently announced the decision on her social-networking website page.The Village Voice newspaper reports: ''Isabella, announced on...

Katie Holmes Fired Tom's Daughter Before Divorce

Katie Holmes fired Tom Cruise's daughter ''out of the blue'' two months before she filed for divorce.The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress shocked Isabella Cruise - the actor's 19-year-old offspring with ex-wife Nicole Kidman - when...

Katie Holmes Refused Cruise's Birthday Request

Katie Holmes rejected Tom Cruise's plea for her to fly to Iceland to save their marriage.Last week, the 33-year-old actress' husband begged her over the phone to come and visit him and celebrate his 50th...

Lindsay Lohan Finds Scientology With Travolta

John Travolta has reportedly introduced Lindsay Lohan to Scientology.The 57-year-old actor – who is a devout follower of the bizarre sci-fi cult – has suggested the troubled star should give the religion a shot in...

Elisabeth Moss Dreamed Of English Life

Elisabeth Moss has always wanted to live in England.The 'Mad Men' actress is currently starring in a production of 'The Children's Hour' with Keira Knightley on London's West End and admits she is finally achieving...

John Travolta Praises Friendly Hollywood

John Travolta thinks Hollywood is "friendlier than ever".The 56-year-old star - whose breakthrough role came in 1977's 'Saturday Night Fever' - thinks studios were previously "intimidating and threatening", leading to actors becoming insecure but now...

Juliette Lewis Saved By Scientology

Juliette Lewis claims she was saved by Scientology.The singer-and-actress - who turned to the bizarre sci-fi faith in 1996 for help during her drug addiction struggles - can't understand why the Church of Scientology receives...

John Travolta Still Grieving For Son

John Travolta will grieve for his late son for the rest of his life.The 56-year-old actor admits the pain of losing his 16-year-old son Jett - who passed away in January 2009 following a seizure...

Katie Holmes Preparing For Baby?

Katie Holmes is reportedly undergoing Scientology 'auditing' in preparation to have another baby.The 'Thank You For Smoking' actress - who has three-year-old daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise - is said to have spent four...

Katie Holmes Chooses Suri School

Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter in a Catholic school.The 'Thank You For Smoking' actress reportedly infuriated Scientologist husband Tom Cruise with her insistence that three-year-old Suri attend the Catholic Charities Yawkey Centre For Early...

John Travolta Still A Scientologist

John Travolta has denied he has abandoned Scientology.The 55-year-old actor was rumoured to have grown disenchanted with the bizarre sci-fi religion after the death of his son Jett in January.But his representative Paul Bloch claims...

Gossip Columnist Sues Fox News For $5 Million

Former entertainment columnist Roger Friedman is claiming in a $5-million lawsuit against News Corp that the copy of Wolverine that he viewed online had previously been in the possession of of News Corp chairman... Gossip Friedman Says He'll Sue

Former gossip columnist Roger Friedman is planning to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, claiming that he was a victim of a campaign by prominent Hollywood members of the Church of...

Travolta Sticks Up For Cruise

John Travolta has leapt to the defence of his friend and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise after a video was leaked last week.The clip showed the Mission: Impossible star calling membership of the Church of Scientology...

By on 22 January 2008

Cruise: Scientology's A Blast

A leaked video clip of Tom Cruise discussing his Scientology beliefs has emerged on the internet.The revelation of the four-year-old footage follows explosive comments from the Mission Impossible star's lawyer last week, who called a...

By on 16 January 2008

Cruise Scientology Claims 'Lies'

Tom Cruise's lawyer and close friend has dismissed claims the actor is now the number two in command in the Church of Scientology.Bert Fields described the allegations in Andrew Morton's biography of the Top Gun...

By on 07 January 2008

Tom And Katie In Madrid To See Pal David

TOM CRUISE and wife KATIE HOLMES were in Madrid last night to watch pal DAVID BECKHAM win the Spanish football league title with Real Madrid for the first time since he arrived at the club.The...

By on 18 June 2007

Cruise: The Christ Of Scientology?

Tom Cruise is not just one of Hollywood's leading actors, he is also the new 'Christ' of Scientology, leaders of the religion apparently believe.Reports in the Sun newspaper claim that he has been told he...

By on 23 January 2007

Tomkat Moving To Sussex?

After a fairytale wedding in an Italian castle and a romantic honeymoon it seems that the Sussex countryside in England is the next step for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.According to reports, Cruise has bought...

By on 30 November 2006

Report: Scientology Was Prepared To Back Cruise

The Church of Scientology was prepared to underwrite Tom Cruise's production company, Cruise-Wagner, if it was unable to come up with other backers, according to a report on, which cited an unnamed source. A...

Presley Mortified By Son's Drug Scandal

Leaders of the anti-drug CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY are furious that devout follower PRISCILLA PRESLEY's son NAVARONE GARIBALDI has been arrested for alleged possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms while under the influence of marijuana. The...

Scientology Stars Sign Away Their Rights?

Research into the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY has revealed some of Hollywood's most powerful stars may have signed documents giving up their right to psychiatric care and to see relatives. Celebrities including TOM CRUISE, JOHN...

Lisa-marie's Drug Binge Drove Her To Scientology

Singer LISA-MARIE PRESLEY had to seek help from the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY for the first time after going on a 72-hour drink and drugs binge. The daughter of rock'n'roll icon ELVIS is now...

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